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Name: Arwen Cid-lake

Sex: female

Date of birth: 19th January 2005

Breeder: Ing. Zdeňka Veselá

Number of tattoo: 207


Colour of hair: black and white


Father: Ch. Yojimbo Horus Nisei

Mother:  Ich. Korsa Legion Gagatków


Temperament: gentle, level-headed, nice

Description: good-looking. Look at the photos and the reports from exhibitions!

Hobbies: games catch and pulling toys, walks, eating titbits, paddling in water


Coxal joints: Arwen´s coxal joints were examined on RTG in August 2006. The X-ray picture was examined by MVDr. Jan Nytra and he evaluated negative diagnosis of dysplazia of coxal joints. So,  Arwen has her legs absolutely all right – both of them are zeroes.

 Chovnost:The X-ray of the coxal joints was together with bonitace (6th August 2006, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm) the last  requirement for chovnost. Arwen fulfilled these requirements on 4th September 2006.


 Ivo a Hana Kalvodovi

 Telephone: 00420 605 177 885

 e-mail: honeyta@seznam.cz

 Do you know the main difference betwen akita inu and American akita?  

If you asked the owner of akita inu:  

"Can I caress your dog?"  

he would answer:  

"No, he does not like it." 

If you asked the same question the owner of American akita, he would tell you:  

"Of course you can!"